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Postgame connects brands to 60,000+ college athletes to launch large-scale influencer campaigns. With the introduction of NIL (Name, Image & Likeness), the ability reach millions of sport fans via social media has never been easier and more effective.

Are you a Brand?

Postgame is a leading NIL Agency that global brands trust to navigate the new era of college athletics. Our experience, team and technology allow us to manage campaigns at scale for our brand partners. Check out some of our recent NIL campaign examples or schedule a call to find out more about how we're changing the game!

Are you an Athlete?

Postgame is the world's leading NIL platform connecting college athletes with brands and other opportunities to earn from their Name, Image & Likeness. Join 60,000+ college athletes and Download the Postgame App to get notified about future endorsements. Learn about the process.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

Working with college athletes on an influencer campaign at scale is challenging. Between AM workouts, classes, practice, travel, games, tutoring, meals... it's a full-time job finding reliable athletes who can produce quality content for your brand in a timely manner.

Our Influencer Platform

Postgame has the technology, the team and most importantly the experience of already having worked with thousands of college athletes to manage a successful campaign from start to finish. Our platform has 60,000+ Athletes and their social profiles.